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These are the current Bylaws and Operating Rules for the Sun Cities/West Valley Chapter of NOW.



Adopted January 22, 1980 – Revised April 1982; October 1997; June 2000; January 2011

Article I – Name

The name of this organization is Sun Cities/West Valley NOW. (Also referred to as “the Chapter” in the Bylaws and Operating Rules.)

Article II – Purpose

NOW’s purpose is to take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men. This purpose includes, but is not limited to, equal rights and responsibilities in all aspects of citizenship, public service, employment, education and family life, and it includes freedom from discrimination because of age, marital status, sexual preference, parenthood, race, religion or ethnicity.

Article III – Membership

Any person who subscribes to its purpose who is a member of National NOW may, upon payment of dues, be a member of Sun Cities/West Valley NOW.

Article IV – Policy

The Chapter shall be bound by the National NOW bylaws and policy.

Article V – Meetings

The Chapter shall hold at least eight membership meetings each year. One of these meetings, (designated as the annual meeting) is the one at which the election of Board Members occurs. The date for the annual meeting is specified in the Operating Rules. Additional rules regarding number and types of meetings appear in the Operating Rules. 

Article VI – Dues

Section 1  Dues and specifics relating thereto are set forth in the Operating Rules.

Section 2  The fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.

Article VII – Board

Section 1  The Board is comprised of Chapter Co-coordinators, a Treasurer and other Board Members, as specified in the Operating Rules. 
   The composition and duties of the Board are specified in the Operating Rules.

Section 2  Board Members are elected at the annual meeting. 

Section 3  Each Co-coordinator’s term is 2 years in length. We stagger the terms to allow for continuity in the leadership of the Chapter.

Article VIII – Committees

Type of committees, their purpose, leadership and membership, are specified in the Operating Rules.

Article IX – Nominations

The nominating procedures are specified in the Operating Rules.

Article X – Elections

All Board Members shall be affirmed by consensus.  All members of the Chapter are eligible to participate and shall be notified of the results by the procedure prescribed in the Operating Rules.

Article XI – Delegates

Delegates and alternates to the national conferences shall be chosen in the number and manner determined by the National NOW Bylaws and the National NOW Credentials Committee.

Article XII – Grievances

Any expressed grievance shall be submitted in writing to the Board for conflict resolution.

Article XIII – Operating Rules

There shall be a set of Operating Rules for the Chapter which shall detail the items referred to in these bylaws, and may contain any other Operating Rules the Chapter wishes.  They shall be accepted by consensus and must contain provisions for amendment.  The members shall receive written notice of proposed changes via our newsletter, email or snail mail.

Article XIV – Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by consensus at any meeting of the Chapter, providing the proposed amendment:

1.  Has been submitted to the Chapter Co-Coordinators, at least 40 days in advance of the meeting and

2.  Has been distributed to members at least 25 days in advance of the meeting or published in an every- member publication
  (e.g., newsletter, email or snail mail).

Article XV Dissolution

The Chapter may be dissolved by consensus of the members present providing the proposal:

1.  Has been submitted to the Co-Coordinators at least 60 days in advance of the meeting and

2.  Has been mailed to the members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting or published in an every-member publication
  (e.g., newsletter, email or snail mail).

Upon dissolution, the Board shall make provision for payment of all liabilities of the Chapter and remit all remaining assets to National NOW.

Operating Rules


Adopted January 22, 1980 – Revised April 1982; October 1997; June 2000; January 2011, May 2020


Section 1  Annual Meeting

A. The regular meeting in May shall be the Annual Meeting.

B. The purpose of the Annual Meeting is primarily to elect Board Members for the upcoming year.

Section 2  General Membership Meetings

A. The Operating Rules governing this Chapter shall be consistent with the principles of shared leadership.

B. The Co-coordinators shall postpone any business if fewer than 5 members are present.

C. An honorarium may be offered to guest speakers, the amount to be set by the Board.


Section 1  The members shall constitute the policy-making body of the organization.

Section 2  The Chapter may not take action contrary to the National Bylaws. Where there is no State or National policy, the Chapter may express itself on any subject which is directly related to the purpose of NOW, provided it is made clear that such expression reflects only the view of the Chapter.

Section 3  Only the Chapter Co-coordinators or members of the Board so designated for the specific purpose shall make a public statement in the name of Sun Cities/West Valley NOW. Members who speak publicly and identify themselves as NOW members must make it clear that they speak as individuals and are not representing Sun Cities/West Valley NOW, unless so designated by the Co-coordinators.


Section 1  AMOUNT

A. The dues shall consist of National, State and Chapter dues. 

B. The amount and nature of Chapter dues shall be set by the Board, after consultation with the membership.


A. New members shall pay annual dues to the Treasurer, who will be responsible for forwarding the specified National portion.

B. Renewing members shall pay dues directly to National NOW according to each member’s date of membership.

C. A member in good standing is one whose dues are not more than 30 days in arrears.


Section 1  The Board shall administer the affairs of the Chapter.

Section 2  The Board shall be made up of the following:

A. Co-coordinators

B. Program Co-coordinators

C. Treasurer

D. Secretary

E. Membership Coordinator

F. Publicity Coordinator

G. Newsletter Coordinator

H. Legislative Coordinator

I. Networking Coordinator

J. Action Coordinator

K. Cultural Diversity Coordinator

L. Herstorian

M. Social Activities Coordinator

Section 3  The Board shall meet at least eight times a year, or upon call of the Co-coordinators or any three members of the Board.

Section 4  The Board may act on behalf of the Chapter, providing the action is consistent with existing Chapter policy, and shall report on its activities to the members by Newsletter or at a business meeting.

Section 5  Each Officer/Board Member must clearly discuss all her duties and time lines with the incoming replacement officer to facilitate a smooth and uninterrupted transition.

Section 6  Whenever appropriate, Officers/Board Members should submit original, timely, and concise articles to the newsletter editor for publication in the monthly newsletter, in particular, articles related to activities promoted via their offices.  The articles would serve the purpose of keeping our members informed, keeping the mission of our group strong and vital, and enhancing our members awareness and participation in our actions.


Section 1  CO-COORDINATORS shall:

A. Act as liaison to State, Regional and National NOW,

B. Promote speaking engagements in the community which present Chapter history, policies, and actions,

C. Facilitate Chapter activities, and preside at all meetings,

D. Appoint the Nominating Committee, subject to the approval of the Board,

E. Serve as ex-officio members of all committees, except the nominating committee,

F. Sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer,

G. Act as the chair on any committee, if required, and

H. Responsible for completing and submitting all appropriate paperwork to NOW on a timely basis. This includes the Annual Report from NOW National and any other reports requested by NOW that are not handled by the Treasurer or other Officer in the course of their normal duties.

I. Perform such other duties as may be delegated by the Board.


A. Arrange programs and meeting places, and if requested,

B. Organize and conduct any feminist consciousness-raising groups for members and non-members.

Section 3  TREASURER shall:

A. Receive and disburse Chapter funds as prescribed by the Board.

B. Be responsible for contacting National to find out the appropriate amount required to be remitted if dues are paid directly to the Chapter.

C. Prepare, on the request of the Board, an annual budget for the Chapter, which shall be submitted to the membership for approval,

D. Sign checks for the Chapter, and

E. Upon request, may assist committees in budget preparation.

F. Be responsible for contacting National to arrange to receive all snail mail for the Chapter and to distribute that information appropriately to the Board or to the entire Chapter, based on content.

G. Annually (by March 31 of each year), the Treasurer must complete and submit the IRS e-postcard for non-profits/charity groups (Form 990-N).

Section 4  SECRETARY shall:

A. Keep minutes of the Membership and the Board meetings,

B. Conduct Chapter correspondence as assigned by the Co-coordinators or the Board,

C. Act as custodian of all records of the Chapter,

D. Advise State NOW of changes in Coordinators or Bylaws, and

E. Maintain files of all Chapter correspondence.


A. Process applications for membership,

B. Determine the status of members transferring from other Chapters, and

C. Maintain an up-to-date roster of members.


A. Chair the Publicity Committee, if active, and

B. Disseminate information on NOW policy, actions and events, including Women’s History Month activities.


A. Handle all activities required to generate and distribute the regular publication of the
Sun Cities/West Valley NOW Newsletter under the direction of the Board.


A. Chair the Legislative Committee, if active, and

B. Maintain contacts to keep the Committee, the Board and the members informed about relevant legislation and

C. Lead efforts to influence legislation.


A. Chair the Networking Committee, if active, and

B. Coordinate events and actions with like-minded groups when warranted.

Section 10  ACTION COORDINATOR shall:

A. Lead demonstrations, protests, and other activities to promote NOW’s position on various issues of importance to women.


A. Assist other Chapter Coordinators and members in establishing a more diverse membership through internal education and outreach efforts.

Section 12  HERSTORIAN shall:

A. Maintain a scrapbook record of the Chapter’s activities.


A. Arrange various social events for the Chapter.


A. All candidates for election as Board Members shall have been members of the Sun Cities/West Valley Chapter for at least two months to be eligible.

B. Board Members shall hold office until their successors are elected.

C. In the event of a vacancy in any Chapter office, the Board shall appoint any eligible member of the Chapter to fill the unexpired term.

D. Election results will appear in the newsletter distributed following the elections, thus notifying the Chapter Members of any changes to the Board.



A. The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE, under the direction of the Membership Coordinator, shall organize membership drives, conduct orientation meetings for new members as needed, and submit dues received to the Treasurer.

B. The PUBLICITY COMMITTEE, under the direction of the Publicity Coordinator, shall be responsible for all public relations activities, including, but not limited to:

(1)  Developing publications and other written materials,

(2)  Publicity, press conferences and press releases,

(3)  Other duties assigned to it by the Board or the membership.

C. The LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE, under the direction of the Legislative Coordinator, shall keep the members informed of relevant legislation, either enacted or proposed.

D. The NETWORKING COMMITTEE, under the direction of the Networking Coordinator, shall develop and maintain contacts with other community feminist organizations.



(1)  The NOMINATING COMMITTEE shall be appointed by the Co-coordinators, subject to approval by the Board, at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

(2)  The NOMINATING COMMITTEE shall not endorse individual candidates, but shall accept nominations from members, including self-nominations, and determine that each candidate is eligible to serve.


(1)  The AUDIT COMMITTEE shall be appointed by the Co-coordinators, subject to approval by the Board, at least 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting, in the year the audit should occur.

(2)  The Committee shall arrange for an audit of the financial records of the Chapter at the end of every two years, which shall be reported to the membership at a business meeting.

(3)  An audit shall also be conducted in the event of resignation by the Treasurer, within sixty days.


(1)  The WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH COMMITTEE shall arrange for Chapter participation in National Women’s History Month.


(1)  The Co-coordinators, subject to approval of the Board, may appoint temporary committees, as needed.


There may be a time due to State-wide or National Emergencies, that our April and May meetings may need to be cancelled. If this occurs, we cannot fulfill our Chapter requirements to hold an election in a timely manner. At that time, the Co-coordinators will first contact all of the current Board Members by phone. They will ask each Board Member if she/he is willing to continue in their position for an additional year.

For those positions where the individual is unable to continue, an email will go out to membership, offering the position up to membership to be filled within one week of the email being sent. Once the Co-coordinators receive this input, then second email will be sent to membership to vote on the slate. Responses will be sent by the membership to the Co-Coordinator, requesting a response within one week of the email being sent.

Results will then be tallied, and the officers for the following year will be elected and announced in a third email to all members.


Operating Rules may be amended by consensus of members present at a Chapter meeting. Members will be informed of proposed changes prior to the meeting, via our newsletter, email, or snail mail. In the case of a State-wide or National Emergency, a vote to change the Operating Rules may be completed via sending an email to current Chapter Membership and tallying the responses within a week.



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