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In 2019, a new push is occurring to ratify the
ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)

Here is a website with additional information on the ERA

Sample Letter you can write to become a Supporter of the ERA


Letter that Clergy members may sign on to, in order to support the ERA


Here are some additional articles on the ERA, as well as links to a presentation that is available.

        To Ratify the ERA: Only one more state needs to pass the Equal Rights Amendment

ERA Whitepaper: The Equal Rights Amendment: A Stronger Constitutional Protection for Women’s Reproductive Rights

ERA PowerPoint: Equal Rights for All? — The ERA in the 21st Century

NY Times Article: As Women Take Over a Male-Dominated Field, the Pay Drops

Page taken from “The Women’s Movement in America since 1960" by Flora Davis

Article: Is the Equal Rights Amendment Relevant in the 21st Century?



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